Our Safer Spaces Policy.

Albuquerque Zine Library Safer Spaces Policy

Albuquerque Zine Library is a safer spaces place and works to serve the entire zine community, for the enjoyment of all. We wish to foster an environment that is welcoming and free of oppressive actions, behaviors, and language. We encourage good communication, kindness as well as openness. In the spirit of good will, the Albuquerque Zine Library will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, religious intolerance and all other forms of discrimination.

Sexual harassment, inappropriate/unwelcome comments and behaviors are not acceptable at The Tannex as well as disruptive or disrespectful behavior that might cause a participant or attendee to feel distressed or unsafe. We encourage kindness, while respecting personal boundaries. Censorship of zine materials is also not tolerated. However, please do consider that Albuquerque Zine Library is open to individuals of all ages, and families. The Albuquerque Zine Library aims to build a collection that reflects readers of all ages. There are times when zine events occur that are not appropriate for children to attend– such times will be made evident in advance, to parents with children under the age of 18.

A designated Albuquerque Zine Library volunteer will be available to act as a mediator should problems arise between visitors. Albuquerque Zine Library aims to peacefully resolve any conflict that might arise. Anyone found to be in violation of the safer spaces policy is unable to change or address their unsafe behavior or language, they will be asked to not attend or to leave the Tannex.

Thank you for supporting the Albuquerque Zine Library in helping to keep this a safe event for our friends, family, ourselves and our community.