The Albuquerque Zine Library is growing. Below is our collection of more than 500 zines. Soon you’ll be able to explore our categories and our collection online! Until then, here’s the list of zine you my peruse at the library. Spring hours coming soon. Until then, stop by whenever the Tannex is having a show and flip through some zines before the event! Thanks!

Alphabetical by zine title:


All I Want is Everything 3
All Night Forever
All The Growing Things
All the Growing Things
Alley Connoisseur 2
Alligator’s Hat
Alternative Press Review 10.1
Ames Iowa City Zine
An Anta Gonis t’s
An East Coast Girl’s Guide to Record Stores
Anarchy & Ecstasy
Angry Black-White Girl
Aureole of Hypnosis (X2)


Baloney Book
Bands! 1
Bands! 2
Bands! 3
Best Game Ever
Bike Smut poster
Birthday Party 1
Bits of Naughty
Bits of Naughty
Black Sheep Coat
Blackguard 5
Body Hammer 1.1
Boo Town
Book Tour Sex Zine 1.5
Borderlands 1
Borderlands 2
Brainfag 6.1
Brainfag 6.2
Brainscan 29
Brainscan 31
Bring on the Dancing Horses
Broiling for Columbine
Broke Ass 2
Broken Pencil 30
Broken Pencil 31
Broken Pencil 34
Broken Pencil 35


Caboose 2
Caboose 4
Caboose 5
Caboose 7, Britney Spears 101
Caboose 7, Britney Spears 101
Calico Grounds 19
Calico Grounds 21
Calico Grounds 8
Cat Mariner
Century’s Tour Journal
Cheap Toy 7
Cheap Toys 11.5
Cheap Toys 12
Cheer the Eff Up 3
Cheer the Eff Up 4
Cherry Bomb 1
Cherry Bomb 2
Chihuahua & Pitbull 1
Citizen 1
Cliptart 6
Clutter 22
Com On Down
Comicosmos 3
Comicosmos 4
Comicosmos 5
Comicosmos 6
Comicosmos 7
Communication is a Fundamental Human Right
Copy This! 12
Copy This! 14
Copy This! 6
Copy This! 8
Copy This! 9
Copy This! 9
Crab Grass
Crapshooter #4


Daily Comics 5
Damaged Mentality 1
Damaged Mentality 2.5
Damaged Mentality 3
Damaged Mentality 5
Damaged Mentality 6
Dark Room Dancing
Day Trips 2
Deaf Convention 3
Deaf Convention 3
Deafula 1
Death Machine 1
Deep Lez Zine
Delinkuent Concierto 1
Delusion 2
Designer Endgame Strategies
Deviant Recipes 5
Diatribe on Occupy Chicago
Dig 12
Dig Deep 4
Dig Deep 5
Disease and Death
Distress 2
DIY Guide 1
DIY Guide 2
Doll Parts 1
Don’t Look So Surprised
Drawings of Miguel
Dream Whip 15
Drop Target 4


Endemic 1
Entomophagy Uncovered
Everybody Moon Jump 8
Everyone is Awesome All the Time


Famous Hairdos of Popular Music
Famous Hairdos of Popular Music
Famous Hairdos of Popular Music 5
Famous Rods of History
Fatty Fatty Bombalatty
Fiver Fun Comics
Fix My Head 3
Fix My Head 4
Fluke Fanzine 11
Free with Purchase
Friends Forever
Functionally Ill: Adventures with Mental Health 2


Gag Me With A… 5
Gatas Y Vatas
Get Connected, Dummy! 1.1
Girls Drugs Experimental Comics
Goat Milk 1
Goat Milk 10
Goat Milk 13
Goat Milk 14
Goat Milk 15
Goat Milk 4
Goat Milk 5
Guide to LA
Guide to LA

Hatch! Mister Sister
Have You Been to the Bosque?
Heart Attack 48
Heart So Full 1
Hell is Other People
Herbal Freedom School 1
Herbal Freedom School 2
Hey Hey Lonesome
High St…
Hitler High (X2)
Hoax 4
Hoax 8
Hold it Close (X2)
Hot Pants
Hot shower
Hot Shower 5
How to Be a Good Zine Citizen
How to Make Radio
How to Sleep
How to Sleep
Hyena in Petticoats


I Do Not Want You to Leave
I Have a Song For You
I Still Live
I Would Rather Let This Knife Alone (X2)
I’d Start a Revolution, But I Don’t Have Time
Indulgence 8
Insomnia and the Oneirophiliac
Insurrectionary Mutual Aid
Intrusive Elements
Iowa City
Is Your Washroom Breeding… Bolsheviks?
Issue 2
Issue 7.5
Issue One


Japan Jaunt 1.1
Johnny America 8
Journal of Unpopular Opinions 1
Just Write 1


Ken Chronicles 24
Kids Like Us Will Be Alone Forever
Killing King Abacus
Kingfishers and Refugee Camps
Korrupt Yr Self 3
Korrupt Yr Self 7
Korrupt Yrself 1
Korrupt Yrself 6
Korrupt Yrself 6.5


Lady Teeth
Lady Teeth 2
Lady Turbo
Lake Effect
Land of Entrapment
Last Night at the Casino 1
Last Night at the Casino 11
Last Night at the Casino 2
Last Night at the Casino 3
Last Night at the Casino 4
Last Night at the Casino 5
Last Night at the Casino 6
Last Night at the Casino 7
Last Night at the Casino 8
Last Night at the Casino 9
Leeking Ink 32
Legal Briefs 1
Legal Briefs 2
Les Filles Fragiles
Lil Kid Fun
Little Bobby’s Little Stories
Little Lady 3
Love Letters in a Molotov (x2)
Lower East Side Librarian


Magic Words
Major Players/Team Tricks
Malcriada 2
Marked for Life 8
Maximum RocknRoll 332
Maximum RocknRoll 357
Mess Explosion
Mess Explosion 10
Mess Explosion 4
Miss Sequential’s Sketchbook
Mountain Bloodfest Adventure Map
Muchacha 6
Murder Can Be Fun 19
mxd zine! 1
My Aim is True 5
My Aim is True 6
My Aim is True 9
My Little Friend 5
My Little Friend 5.5
My Little Friend 6


Nashville Transit
Naughty Bits 1
Naughty Bits 2
Neither Doll Houses Nor Tree Houses
Nerds of Color 1
New Noise Magazine 7
No More Coffee 1
No More Coffee 2
No More Coffee 4.5
No More Coffee 4.5
Not Queer as in Radical, But Lesbian as in Fuck You
Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf


Obsessor 4, At Some Point
Obsessor 6, Edith Knows Her Apples
Obsolete! 7 (X2)
Obsolete! 8 (X2)
Occupational Hazards
Ocho 10
Off the Map
Oh Dear No
Oh Dear No 3
Oh Dear No 3
Oil Can Drive
On Private Land
One Day
Opuntia 257
Opuntia 259
Opuntia 71.1D
Out of Order 5


Patina 6
Pedal Pushers 2
Pedantic Pedalery (X2)
Peopalls Sketchbook
Pie = 3.14
Pieces 6.5
Pieces 8.5
Pinch Kid 2
Pinch Kid 3
Pocket Knife 1
Pocket Knife 2
Poly Closet
Pond of No Return (X3)
Poon Job 1.1
Poon Job 1.2
Pretty Girls Make Me Sad
Primary Sources
Primitive Tools
Prince & Jarvis Humping Things
Print Is Dead
Prizes (X2)
Proof I Exist 12 (X2)
Proof I Exist 15
Proof I Exist 16
Proof I Exist 17
Proof I Exist 19
Proof I Exist 20
Psionic Plastic Joy 17
Punctuation/typography/symbol 1
Punkanut 2

Queens, Hookers, and Hustlers
Queer Audio-Art & Archive
Queers in Stardust
Quench 4
Quercus Agrifolia 1.1 (X2)
Quercus Agrifolia 1.10 (X2)
Quercus Agrifolia 1.11
Quercus Agrifolia 1.2
Quercus Agrifolia 1.3 (X2)
Quercus Agrifolia 1.4 (X4)
Quercus Agrifolia 1.5 (X3)
Quercus Agrifolia 1.6 (X3)
Quercus Agrifolia 1.7 (X2)
Quercus Agrifolia 1.8 (X2)
Quercus Agrifolia 1.9 (X2)
QZAP: Meta 3


Radical Slut Dis-covery
Rational Graphic
Red Alert
Red Octorum (X2)
Red-Headed Stepdad
Reimagining Queer Community
Revolution Summer
Rigor Mortis 3
Riot grrrL!
Rochester Teen Set 20
Rochester Teen Set 21
Rochester Teen Set 22
Rock Out!
Rocky Rock
Roctober 47
Roctober 50
Roll Call 1
Root 3
Rumpy Pumpy 2
Rumpy Pumpy 3


Scam 4
Scam 5
Scram Zine 1
Seed Head 2
Seed Head 4
Seed Head 7
Seek & Zine 4 (X2)
Self-Care for Zinesters
Shards of Glass in Your Eyes 12
Shards of Glass in Your Eyes 4
Shards of Glass in Your Eyes 5
Shards of Glass in Your Eyes 9
Shoe & Tail 11
Shotgun Seamstress 6.5
Shotgun Seamstress 6.5
Shotgun Seamstress 7
Show Me the Money 33
Simple History 6
Sinister Compendium
Skinned Heart 3
Skinned Heart 4
Slingshot 112
Slingshot 112 (X2)
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Art of Video Game Exhibition Guest Book
Smokestacks & Spires
Snuggle and Struggle
Some Things Take Forever
Something for Nothing 66
Something for Nothing 71
Somnambulist 5
Somnambullist 23
Soulbond 1
Soulbond 2
Soulbond 3
Space City Nerd 1
Species Traitor 3
Staircases on Fault Lines
Start Your Own Haunted House
Static Zine 6
Stink Eye 1
Sweet Bird #9 3
Syk 8
Syncing Yawns and Spacetime Dreams


Taking the Cake
Tarnished Nostalgia
Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric 13
Tenacious 29
The ABQ Exposer 2
The Bad Lyrics Project
The Climate Movement is Dead…
The Communist Manifesto
The Difference Between
The Difference Between 2
The Difference Between 3
The Difference Between 4
The DIY Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad
The Escapist Artist 6
The Gospel According to Oprah
The Growling Mouth
The Hard Fifty Farm
The Heat and The Hot Earth
The Hell Hounds Come Howling
The Ken Chronicles 23
The Ken Chronicles 26
The Nobhill Poopers (X2)
The Numbers Game
The Prince Zine
The Reverse Cougar Years 3
The Revolutionary Linguist 1.5
The She-Ma’am Fella Hatin’ Sorority 3
The Swan The Vulture
The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes 1
The Urinals of Hell
The Vagus Street Project
The Vagus Street Project /Aux
The Vellum Underground
The Vellum Underground 2
The Zinesaurus
The Zinesaurus
The Zinesaurus 1.1
The Zinesaurus 2.1
There is a Danger
Things to Dream and Dwell Upon
Third Grade Feminist
This is What I’ve Been Up To
This Travesty
Those Fucking Unicorns
Thou Shalt Not Talk About the White Boys’ Club
Tick Tock Biological Clock 2
Titwrench Zine
Todo Sobre Mi Madre (X2)
Tributaries 4
Twenty-nine Drawings in Twenty-nine days
Twilight World 14
Twilight World 15
Twilight World 17
Twilight World 18


Ugly Cutie
Under Current 1.1
Under Ice
US Amazonians


Vital Signs 1
Vital Signs 2


Was it Not Enough That We Should Simply Perish of Exposure?
Waste Product Head-Covering
We’re Here And Then We’re Gone Away
Westcoast Bikepunx
What I Did Today
Whatever Works 10
Whatever Works 8
Whatever Works 9
Whats Their Name
Where is my Spleen?
Wig Wam Bam 83
Wig Wam Bam 93
Wig Wam Bam 95


Works in Progress 25.7
World Salad 2
Xerography Debt 32
Xerography Debt 35
Xicanistas & Punkeristas Say It Loud


Yard Wide Yarns 9
You Live for the Figth When That’s All That You’ve Got 1
You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania 3
You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania 6
You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania 7
Youlit 2.1


Zero Hour 2
Zine 15
Zine 17
Zine Crush 1
Zine Crush 2
Zine Crush 3
Zine Libs 1
Zine of the Month
Zines at the University of Iowa Libraries

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