Albuquerque gets its first public zine library!


Albuquerque has a long history of independent publishing– from news papers to small press. Zines in New Mexico seem to have fallen off the radar, relegated to the 1990s, and considered by some to be a, “dying art,” lying fallow in the wake of the flourishing eZine. Nothing could be further from the truth. Self-publishing in print form will never be abandoned. As long as there are writers, there will be zinesters producing handmade tales.

To prove the power of zines in New Mexico, Albuquerque gets a zine library to continue where the zinesters from the recent era left off. On March 22, the zine library opened its doors, with a tiny selection of zines to peruse, but this is only the beginning! The ultimate goal is to offer zines for check-out, like any other public lending library, and to provide space for zine making, zine release parties, zine exhibitions and more. The AZL will also work closely with ABQ Zine Fest to produce a yearly event celebrating zine culture and in the city and beyond.